04 July 2009

Weekly Geeks: Trivia Time Answers

As promised, the answers to last week’s Weekly Geeks trivia questions. (And congratulations to Rikki, who led the field with 4 correct answers in the comments.)

1. In the Outlander series, what is Jonathan Randall’s middle name?

2. Where in Gormenghast did Steerpike begin his career?
The kitchens

3. Who is Stephanie Plum’s husband-stealing nemesis?
Rival bounty hunter Joyce Barnhardt

4. In Possession, Mortimer Cropper is fixated on acquiring Ash memorabilia for the collection he maintains in which American state?
New Mexico

5. What deformity did Shakespeare bestow upon Richard III?
A hunchback

6. How many strange women does Jonathan Harker encounter in the home of Dracula?
Three ... i.e. three too many

7. Which respectable Roman did Robert Graves depict as a serial murderess in his novels about Claudius?
Livia Drusilla, wife of the emperor Augustus

8. Before he ran off with Lydia Bennet, with whom did Wickham attempt to elope?
Mr Darcy’s sister, Georgiana

9. How does Thursday Next’s battle with Acheron Hades alter a classic novel?
By starting the fire that destroys Thornfield Hall in Jane Eyre

10. Which real-life bad guy appears in A Conspiracy of Paper?
Self-proclaimed Thief-Taker General - and in reality criminal mastermind - Jonathan Wild

1 comment:

Rikki said...

No. 9 is Jane Eyre? Wow, I relly should have known that, but it's years since I've read it and the names did not ring any bell with me at all.

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