23 July 2009

26 More Neologisms for Booklovers

The last lot were so popular, I decided to do it again.

The condition of really wanting not to read the advertisements on every bus shelter and billboard you pass, but being unable to help yourself.

The fate you meet when, for one of your classes, you inescapably must read a book so tedious it could cure insomnia.

Consisting of chapters short enough to be read in a single television ad break.

Feeling depressed over the high price of books.

Early yawning
The first hint that a book will be less than fabulous, in the form of a moment of eye-glazing dullness before page 50.

Someone whose choice of reading material is invariably whatever novel the critics have just been raving about.

Memoir recounting the author’s love of food, discovery of the joy of food, resolution of their psychological issues regarding food, exotic journeys with a focus on food, professional career involving food...

Universal agreement that a particular book, or aspect thereof, is just plain bad.

Chronically curious about what other people are reading.

To skip ahead in a book and read passages from random points further on.

Ingenuity applied to devising a way of simultaneously reading and doing handicrafts.

Assessing the merit of a tv show as being inversely proportional to the amount you read while it’s on.

An adamant refusal to read a book the whole world’s going nuts over, no matter how good it might be.

Infamous for writing novels in which next to nothing actually happens.

State in which you become so absorbed in a book as to lose awareness not only of what’s on the radio, but of the fact that you’re singing it.

Page yearner
A book that leaves you wishing there was more.

“No, honey, I haven’t bought any more books this month ... What? That stack behind the aspidistra? Oh no, those have been there for ages....”

A book you read while commuting, but never pick up when at home.

Printed in a typeface that leaves you peering at the page trying to work out what on earth it says.

A pale imitation of a wildly successful novel or series.

Literary chaos in the shape of a mountain of TBR books stored in no particular order.

Literary bad guy who shows a disappointing lack of nastiness.

Number 46 in the library hold queue.

X factoid
A quote or piece of information you know you’ve read somewhere, but whose source you simply cannot remember.

The stretching necessary to ease muscles aching from lugging home your latest bookstore purchases or library borrowings.

Featuring an animal which behaves in an unnatural way, thereby displaying the author’s lack of acquaintance with the breed or species in question.


Booklogged said...

These are too funny and yet, perfect! How do people think of these clever, clever things?

Booklogged said...

Whoa - Did you come up with these yourself? I am flabbergasted! Totally!

Dorte H said...


I have linked to them on my blog. I know that several of my readers will love "uncohoardination".

CoversGirl said...

Booklogged: Yes, I did - I'm glad you liked them.

Dorte: Thanks for the link! I'm sure a lot of TBR piles could be described as uncohoardinated; mine certainly can.

Carrie K. said...

I will definitely be linking, too - these are wonderful!

Lesley said...

What a great list! I can related to many. Perhaps you should publish a dictionary of bookish terms ... what would you call it?

Rebecca :) said...

I'm with Lesley! You should make it into a book!

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