24 July 2009

Victorian British History Online

I had the horrible realisation last night that there were 100 days left till NaNoWriMo (99, now). And I’m just a teensy bit underprepared. In fact, I still don’t know what year it’s going to be set in. (But I do at least know the decade!) Clearly, I need to do some research. I’ve hunted up a handful of useful websites, and collected them here as a quick reference for myself and a possible source of interest to others.

The Dictionary of Victorian London consists of excerpts from primary sources indexed alphabetically by topic.

This site’s collection of Victorian and Edwardian Photographs includes images listed by year. Perfect for marvelling at the hairdos and dresses and being glad you were born in the twentieth century :-)

The Costumer’s Manifesto has a huge list of Victorian Fashion Links, organised by decade.

The Victorian Web includes a little of just about everything.

And my personal favourite (as if I don’t have enough to read already!) is The Victorian Women Writers Project, offering online texts by nineteenth-century female writers - free!


Jenny said...

What a cool collection of links! When I have reliable internet again, I'm going to check all of these out!

Anonymous said...

The Victorian Web is not actually a terribly reliable source. I took a class from the professor who runs it, and he posts his students' essays without any fact-checking or peer review.

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