24 July 2009

Blog Improvement Project: Task 13

Blog Improvement Project Blog Post Bingo! My favourite task from the first half of the year is back. And despite my knitting-induced posting shortage, I managed a very respectable total:

1. A Link PostThe Cheat’s Way Out
2. A Short PostA Good Excuse
3. A List Post26 More Neologisms for Booklovers
4. An Opinion Post – FAIL
5. A Poll or Question PostBirthday Loot Poll
6. A How-To Post – FAIL
7. A Long PostBook Review: The Night Watch by Sarah Waters
8. A Review PostBook Review: The Good Thief by Hannah Tinti
9. A Definition Post – FAIL
10. NEW: A Personal PostBirthday Loot
11. NEW: A Resource PostVictorian British History Online
12. FREE SPACE – Wordless – Fractal Friday: Garland

Last time I managed seven out of ten; this time it was nine out of twelve. From 70% to 75% - an improvement! Well, of sorts ... it was the same post types which tripped me up again. And I did have to publish five posts - including this wrap-up - in a single night to make it. (Though I might add it wasn’t nearly so impressive an achievement as it sounds: they were either the work of minutes or already half-done.)


farmlanebooks said...

Five posts in one night?! WoW! That is impressive! I found I was posting much more towards the end, just to finish in time - I should have planned it more in the beginning.

Congrats on the improvement. 9 different post types is a great achievement.

Sherrie said...

Great job on the bingo posts! I really liked them all. The sweater looks great! Have a great day!!


Dorte H said...

One more than me - congratulations!

I enjoyed your cheat post & sent the link to my husband (he is the local vicar so he might use some of the pictures for special services for children).

CoversGirl said...

farmlanebooks: Thanks! I know just what you mean about lack of planning; organisation isn't exactly my forte.

Sherrie: Thank you!

Dorte: Now that's a way to keep the kids interested!

Kim (Sophisticated Dorkiness) said...

Congrats, I think you did great. I'm glad you could do better this time around than last time. I got tripped up on some of the same ones again too -- we'll just have to try again later.

I'm working on the wrap up post now, so check back over the weekend for the winners.

Kim (Sophisticated Dorkiness)

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