30 June 2009

Weekly Geeks: Trivia Time

Weekly Geeks

Though I'm really not very good at it, I love trivia. Put books and trivia together and you've got a perfect match. So I thought it would be a fun Weekly Geek activity for us to come up with some book trivia questions to ask each other.

So take a moment, don't stress about it all, and write down five to ten questions that pop into your mind. You could center all your questions around a particular theme or genre, maybe something in which you specialize. Or ask questions about one certain book. Or teach us about your favorite author through your questions.

You could do really easy ones that you know we'll all get or really hard ones that will challenge even the best of us.

Once you post your questions and add your link here, be sure to go around and answer the questions posted by everyone else. Remember, no fair Googling! At the end of the week, don't forget to do another post with the answers to your questions.

And most importantly, have fun!

Since I’ve just started reading a history of piracy, I had to theme this quiz around villains! There’s a mix of easy and trickier, and the answers will be up on Saturday. Until then, feel free to leave your answers in the comments. (But no cheating by reading the comments before answering the questions!)

1. In the Outlander series, what is Jonathan Randall’s middle name?

2. Where in Gormenghast does Steerpike begin his career?

3. Who is Stephanie Plum’s husband-stealing nemesis?

4. In Possession, Mortimer Cropper is fixated on acquiring Ash memorabilia for the collection he maintains in which American state?

5. What deformity did Shakespeare bestow upon Richard III?

6. How many strange women does Jonathan Harker encounter in the home of Dracula?

7. Which respectable Roman did Robert Graves depict as a serial murderess in his novels about Claudius?

8. Before he ran off with Lydia Bennet, with whom did Wickham attempt to elope?

9. How does Thursday Next’s battle with Acheron Hades alter a classic novel?

10. Which real-life bad guy appears in A Conspiracy of Paper?


bookwormans said...

7. Livia
8.Georgianna Darcy

Great theme!

Icedream said...

This is fun! Love your idea- I think I know:
1. Wolverton
5. Hunchback
and 9. is driving me nuts because I should know it! :D

Kerrie said...

I only know one
5, a hunchback - he was known as Richard Crookback

Rikki said...

5. Hunch
6. Three
7. Livia
8. Darcy's sister

These are all I know.

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