16 July 2009

Booking Through Thursday: TBR

Do you keep all your unread books together, like books in a waiting room? Or are they scattered throughout your shelves, mingling like party-goers waiting for the host to come along?

I do try ... most of my TBR books are contained in/overflowing from a cardboard box on the bottom shelf of a bookcase in the family room. But not all new acquisitions make it into the box, not all books stay in the box until read, and then there’s the library pile....

At the moment I have several unread books stacked beneath my bedroom window (where they’ve been for - er, let’s not worry about that, shall we?) There’s a few more on my dressing table, library books on the floor, and a couple on the kitchen bench. No, make that three on the kitchen bench. And that’s not counting the books I want to re-read, which are still in their regular positions on the shelves.

It doesn’t count as chaos so long as I know where they all are :-)


Dorte H said...

My son has such a great motto: reading stuff is not clutter! - which means that our home is not too bad LOL

Books should be where you can get at them, I think.

Rhinoa said...

Organised chaos is my life!

JoAnn said...

"It doesn't count as chaos so long as I know where they all are." How true - lol!

Yvonne said...

Absolutely it doesn't count as clutter if you know where they all are. Plus, how could books be clutter anyway? :)

CoversGirl said...

Dorte: That is a great motto. (I could expand on it - knitting stuff is not clutter, sewing stuff is not clutter, newspapers are not clutter ... can you tell I'm not much of a housekeeper?)

Rhinoa: Organised chaos is my term for it too, though I'm afraid it's sometimes more chaos than organised!

JoAnn: All my readers are welcome to employ that excuse wherever they like!

Yvonne: Books could never be clutter.

Heather said...

Your answer made me laugh! We're so alike.

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