15 January 2008

How Organised Am I?

One of my big plans for 2008 was to be more timely in my completion of challenge reads, and so far I’ve managed to surpass my expectations. Fifteen days in, and I’ve already finished three of my TBR Challenge reads, plus 300 pages of the fourth. Even better, I went to the library last week and found not one, not two, but four books from my 888 Challenge wishlist. I would have been able to borrow three more, too, if I’d only been able to carry them, but a 2.5L container of sunscreen does rather weigh one down. Still, I’ve got my fingers crossed that it’s a sign of good luck to come, especially since tomorrow is ...

... the BOOKFEST!! Weekends are busy, Monday was hot, and today it rained, so I settled on tomorrow for my annual pilgrimage to literary cloud nine. I’m taking a list of books needed for the challenge, and this year I’m being extra cautious and making some notes as to which books I already have, so there’s no chance of inadvertently doubling up.

I’ve also made good headway in creating a list of all my books on LibraryThing. At least, I’ve noted down the ISBNs of most of the books I own (and the titles of those too old to have them) but it will be the work of days to enter them all. (And to work out which books can’t be found in the databases, since I went around my shelves and stacks of books in largely random order and neglected to make any notes as to which books the ISBNs belong to.) Add to that the 50 or 60 I’ll likely lug home tomorrow, and I’ll be entertained for a while.

But best of all: I am completely up-to-date with my reviews! And I intend to stay that way ... as much as possible.


Lulu said...

I have read 5 of my 888 challenge reads also (Plus all three of my Japanese lit reads that needed to be read before end of Jan) and am feeling like I am on track. I am only involved in two challanges though at the moment!

I like your reviews! I can not review books to save my life. I love them and all but my reviews suck (And I don`t do them very often!) My reviews consist of the book was awesome, that book was good or ok and that book sucked!

Keep up the good work on your challenges and reviews!

heather (errantdreams) said...

Get a bar code scanner! I've scanned in more than 750 books to LibraryThing quite quickly. If they still have cuecats for sale, they were selling them for just $15---quite cheap if you have a ton of books to enter.

Lisa said...

Wow, I'm impressed. It looks as though you're off to a great start for 2008!

Heather said...

You are WAY more organized than I am! Happy New Year!

Carl V. said...

Congrats on all you've accomplished thus far, that's great! I'm trying to keep up with my reviews as well...so far so good.

I'm jealous, but I still wish you all the joy in the world at the Bookfest. Have a ball!!!

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