03 January 2008

Booking Through Thursday: Anticipation

Last week we talked about the books you liked best from 2007. So this week, what with it being a new year, and all, we’re looking forward….

What new books are you looking forward to most in 2008? Something new being published this year? Something you got as a gift for the holidays? Anything in particular that you’re planning to read in 2008 that you’re looking forward to? A classic, or maybe a best-seller from 2007 that you’re waiting to appear in paperback?

I don’t keep track of what books are due for release, but I hear there’s another Stephanie Plum on the way, so I’ll be looking forward to that. And after the cliffhanger ending of the last one, I hope there’s another Thursday Next en route, too.

The TBR Challenge list in the sidebar is about as far as my reading plans go, since the books I got for Christmas have already been polished off (reviews forthcoming). And the handful of other books I have lying around too; but I believe my TBR pile is now below two dozen. But not for long - week after next is the BOOKFEST!!! My annual buy-as-many-books-as-I-can-carry expedition, with the good excuse of its all being for charity. The 888 Challenge selection is just the start of my wish list of books to stumble across in 2008.

And I plan on re-reading Jane Eyre, Pride and Prejudice, and maybe one or two others.


heather (errantdreams) said...

Aye, my TBR pile is about as much as I can manage too. Keeping track of upcoming releases is beyond me right now!

gautami tripathy said...

My TBR list is mile long!! Maybe I should stop reading!

Booking through anticipation

karen! said...

Less than two dozen books on Mt. TBR... I'm in awe ;)

Happy new year!

Anonymous said...

I really need to read Jane Eyre. I think I'm the only one who hasn't. Great list!

Literary Feline said...

I'm with you when it comes to reading plans these days. If it's a challenge book, it's one I will most likely be reading this year. I hear about some new releases of favorite authors of mine, but not always and so I'm not always up to date with current books.

Chris said...

Bookfest sounds fun. Jane Eyre is one of my most favorite books ever.

CoversGirl said...

Heather: Keeping up with the books I know about is enough, especially when you add my library books to the pile!

Gautami: Or use the mountainous TBR pile as an excuse to read more in order to reduce it!

Karen!: So am I! Maybe one day I'll even get it down to single figures again . . . or maybe not.

Kristy: It's a must-read.

Literary Feline: If it wasn't for reading blogs, I wouldn't have a clue what was being released!

Chris: Highlight of the year!

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