09 April 2009

How Did You Get Here?

Having seen such posts done, I decided to check out my own search stats. Most of the keyword combinations were entirely sane (generally including the words “book review”). Some, however, were baffling or just plain bizarre:

raising the dead after many weeks
I don’t think I want to know the who and why of this, but I would suggest you proceed with a great deal of caution. Preferably after having disabled your sense of smell. (Or are you thinking along zombie reanimation lines? Because then I really can’t help.)

thing in the bible starting with j
I can think of quite a few people and a couple of places - but not a thing. Maybe there's a j thing I haven't gotten to yet?

the book of genesis and tess of the d’urbervilles
I’ve read both of them? That's the only connection I can see. I’d recommend you read Tess and skip Genesis, if you haven’t already done so.

Nope, not me. As you might have noticed if you’d paid attention to the url. In fact, this address doesn’t even exist!

treasurehunt if d=1 of=80 and g=23...what word is 35 57 3 20 87 20 53 53 5
Er ... pass. No idea. But if you’re involved in a treasure hunt, might I suggest that visiting totally off-topic blogs is not the most efficient way of proceeding?

don wycherley substitute teaching
I'm sure Mr Wycherley is a fine substitute teacher ... But I’ve never heard of him, and except for that fact that I've got “Wycherley” in my sidebar I can’t imagine what your search engine was thinking.

girl sitting down holding basket and a rose 18th century painting
Something by Reynolds? Gainsborough? I write about books, not art!

hephaestion the man in the iron mask
Ancient Greek ... seventeenth-century Frenchman ... yes, I can see how you might get the two confused.

what is the temporal setting of the alchemist
Your guess is as good as mine.

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