14 February 2009

Blog Improvement Project: Task 3

Blog Improvement Project

The third task in the Blog Improvement Challenge was Blog Post Bingo - trying to create as many of the following types of post as possible.

1. A Link Post - It’s All Fun and Games, a list of links to book- and word-related entertainment.
2. A Short Post - Make Room! Make Room! - my imminent shelf-space crisis.
3. A List Post - 26 Neologisms for Booklovers, perhaps my favourite post ever.
4. An Opinion Post - FAIL
5. A Poll or Question Post - Valentine’s Day Poll. Last I checked, “Classic love story” was one vote ahead of “Something totally romantic,” so as soon as I finished The Sculptress I settled down with Far from the Madding Crowd. It’s that rarity, a Hardy happy ending (classic), and it was quoted in the final Vicar of Dibley (totally romantic), making it a nice compromise.
6. A How-To Post - FAIL
7. A Long Post - Barchester Towers review.
8. A Review Post - To Shield the Queen review.
9. A Definition Post - FAIL
10. FREE SPACE - Happy Valentine’s Day - a wordless post.

Seven out of ten’s not too bad - better than I thought I’d do at first glance. It would have been nice to have some interesting expertise to share, but overall I’m happy with what I’ve accomplished this fortnight. Bring on task #4!


Beth F said...

I didn't get them all done either! But don't think it was fun to try??

Dorte H said...

I have already told you that I enjoyed your neologisms, but your desperate make room-post is just as hilarious :) I can practically see you being attacked by your own books. Wonderful sense of humour you have.

Sharon said...

I didn't finish either, but I had fun with ones I did. Your Valentines Day post reminded me I had chocolate upstairs! Yum!

Jack said...

7, not bad at all! I didn't finish either but am looking on to the next assignment... great job :)

Anonymous said...

7 out of 10 is really good, I only got 8. It was a lot more challenging than I thought when I came up with it :)

Kim (Sophisticated Dorkiness)

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