13 February 2009

Make Room! Make Room!

I recently got around to putting away all the books that were lying around on the front of the shelves, and made the horrible discovery that I have precisely 32 inches of shelf space left. So I did what anyone with a spirit of scientific inquiry would do: I measured my unshelved books (mostly my TBR pile, overflowing out of a cardboard box). Not only do they outstretch the available space by more than half a metre, but if I could get them into a single stack without toppling they’d come past the level of my chin. Granted, I’m short, but it’s still a little alarming to think that with very few additions, my TBR pile could end up taller than me.

And, of course, that impending shelf space crisis ... Well, I did put “cull my book collection” on my to-do list :-(

1 comment:

Kailana said...

Everytime I rearrange my shelves I go from having room to having no room. It's terrible! I really shouldn't clean. lol

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