06 January 2009

The 2009 Blog Improvement Project

A couple of nights ago I signed up for the year’s first challenge - of sorts - and miracle of miracles, it has nothing to do with reading! Kim at Sophisticated Dorkiness is running the ...

2009 B.I.P.

I think given my recent hiatus Rule Number One should be: Keep blogging. Which should be somewhat easier now that I'm no longer spending all my internet time fiddling around with HTML and CSS in the quest for the perfect layout. Yes, I have finally made the jump from Template to Layout - and being a stubborn perfectionist I coded all but the trickiest bits myself.

All those late nights spent nodding over the keyboard have been worth it, I think. And I’m looking forward to many more improvements during the year.


Kailana said...

I wouldn't mind fixing my blog up. I really want to go back to a three column set-up, but I am so not techno! I will have to stick with what I have. :) Good luck with your challenge!

Anonymous said...

The quest for the perfect layout... what a time-suck that can be! (And one of the reasons I haven't changed my own theme -- I'm not happy with it, but do I really have enough time to fix it?).

But congrats on getting things up the way you like them! Your layout is lovely :)

Marg said...

I took a while to change over, but once I did I loved it! So much easier to update the sidebars etc etc.

CoversGirl said...

Kailana: Neither am I! Trial and error is my best friend when it comes to coding. Mostly error :-)

Christine: Thank you!

Marg: I plan to keep updating by hand, just for the challenge. (Yes, I'm a bit weird...)

Bogsider said...

You certainly have a great looking blog now and you are quite right that the trial and error thing may be the way to go. I am still pondering what kind of layout I actually want though and while I am neither a perfectionist (I wish) nor stubborn, I cannot seem to find the layout that'll fit :-) I look forward to follow your progresses and improvements!

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