11 September 2007

Next Week's Headline?

It could happen....

Southside bookslide

A Brisbane university student was treated by paramedics yesterday after being injured in a freak bookslide. The woman, 23, was found trapped beneath dozens of books in a variety of genres. Inquiries revealed her to be a book blogger engaged in five simultaneous reading challenges, each involving books present at the scene. Authorities are yet to determine the exact cause of the bookslide, but it is believed that the latest challenge, coupled with excessive library borrowing, caused her TBR pile to become overloaded to the point of collapse.

A Queensland Health spokesperson has advised heavy readers to exercise caution. “There are no treatment facilities in south-east Queensland as book addiction is a relatively rare problem,” she said. “All we can do is advise sufferers to stack books no higher than thirty centimetres, keep their spine straight when moving large loads of books, and consider seeing a psychiatrist if symptoms persist.

“But only if they can afford to do so privately - the public waiting list is longer than War and Peace.”

1 comment:

Tia Nevitt said...

Hilarious! Good luck with that reading pile . . . and don't stand too close to it.

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