15 September 2007

Dancin' Fool's Meme

Dancin’ Fool tagged me for this ages ago but I have only just gotten round to doing it! But I did have a. a backlog of reviews due to my computer being out for nearly a week; b. midsemester exams; and c. a pile of library books up to my knee. (Though that last isn’t quite so dire a circumstance as it might sound, me being vertically challenged.)

1. If you could have super powers what would they be and what would you do with them? (Please feel free to be selfish, you do not have to save the world!)
Time travel. No - invisible time travel. I could pop back into the past to check out anything I was curious about; and since no-one would be able to see me there’d be little danger of me screwing up the time-space continuum. I’d hope.

2. Were you to find your self stranded on an island with a CD player ... it could happen ... what would your top 10 blogger’s island discs be?

1 - the Beatles
18 Singles - U2
American Idiot - Green Day
Black Fingernails, Red Wine - Eskimo Joe
Echolalia - Something for Kate
Hot Fuss - The Killers
Odyssey No. 5 - Powderfinger
Stories from the City, Stories from the Sea - PJ Harvey
Tea & Sympathy - Bernard Fanning
What’s the Story Morning Glory - Oasis
Okay, so the compilations might be cheating a little ... but it’s easier than choosing just one!

3. If you were a smell what would it be?

4. What bird would you most like to be?
Something that looks good, something that can really soar, something not likely to get shot at ... peregrine falcon, maybe?

5. If you were a bird whose head would you poo on?
Opposition Leader Kevin Rudd. It might make him look a little less like a perfect, blandly smiling school prefect.

Are there any foods that your body craves?
Sweet, juicy fruits. (Only a couple more months till mango season!!)

What's your favourite time of year?
Here, winter. (But in a colder climate, autumn.)

What's your favourite time of day?
Sunset. We get some gorgeous ones here.

If a rest is as good as a change which would you choose?
A change! Because nothing ever changes and I’m tired of resting.

If you could have a dinner party and invite any 5 people from the past or present who would they be? (Living or deceased.)
Jane Austen, Richard Feynmann, Elizabeth I, Gerald Durrell, William Shakespeare. I’d just have to hope that Richard didn’t play any of his infamous practical jokes on Elizabeth.

Now, who to tag? Since it’s nearly midnight, I think I’ll just say: TAG! You’re it.


Tia Nevitt said...

I love the list of what you are reading. I read Ivanhoe years ago, and loved it. I first tried to read a badly abridged version without realizing that it was abridged. When I read the full version, it flowed much better (and made much more sense!) I'll look for your review of that one.

My first Walter Scott novel was actually The Talisman -- which I had a hard time putting down.

raidergirl3 said...

I forgot about American Idiot when I was picking my CDs, and The Killers. Excellent choices both.
I'm reading a Feynmann book right now - he's quite the character for sure

Dancin' Fool said...

Hello! Thanks for doing this and great answers. I like your invisible time traveller idea!

I hope you are well and feeling a little less busy?!? Bye for now!

CoversGirl said...

Tia: I've nearly finished it! The reading, that is; the reviewing might take a little longer!

Raidergirl3: I probably forgot something as well (though if I have, I haven't remembered it yet).

Dancin' Fool: Thank you! I am less busy now; midsemesters are over and next week is HOLIDAYS!

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