31 May 2008

Eponymous Challenge Reviews


The Eponymous Challenge has begun! This post is where the participants can link up their reviews like this: Name (Title). If you don’t have a blog, you can just leave a comment; and if you haven’t signed up, you can still do so here.

1. Poodlerat (Freaks: Alive, on the Inside!)
2. bethany canfield
3. Charlie (The Girl Who Stopped Swimming)
4. Suzi Qoregon (City Boy)
5. Myrthe (Ali and Nino)
6. joanna (Chloe)
7. Charlie (The Senator's Wife)
8. Lizzy Siddal (A Partisan's Daughter)
9. Suzi Qoregon (Smonk)
10. Suzi Qoregon (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory)
11. Tara (Diana's Boys)
12. Poodlerat (Greenwitch)
13. Poodlerat (The Grey King)
14. bethany (anna karenina)
15. Poodlerat (The Goose Girl)
16. Poodlerat (Enna Burning)
17. Tara (Odd Thomas)
18. Ms Alex (Daemonwolf Books)
19. raidergirl3( Life and Times of Michael K)
20. raidergirl3( Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist)
21. raidergirl3 (Zel)
22. Esther (Anahita's Woven Riddle)
23. Joanna (Wyrd Sisters)
24. Joanna (The Memory Keeper's Daughter)
25. raidergirl3( Maniac Magee)
26. raidergirl3( Miss Julia Takes Over)
27. Suziqoregon (The Sisterhood)
28. Myrthe (Young Stalin)
29. Esther (Keturah and Lord Death)
30. Tara (The Virgin of Small Plains)
31. 3M (Anne of Green Gables)
32. Mo (Blowing My Cover: My Life as a CIA Spy)
33. Charlie (Mister Pip)
34. Mo (The Hangman's Beautiful Daughter))
35. bethany (Farmworker's Daughter)
36. Joanna (The Speckled People)
37. Amy( Bootlegger's Daughter)
38. Amy( The Reluctant Fundamentalist)
39. Becky (Beezus and Ramona
40. Becky (Ramona the Pest)
41. Becky (Ramona the Brave)
42. Gaelle (Agent Zig Zag)
43. Becky (Ramona and Her Father)
44. Daemonwolf Books (Blue- eyed Salaryman)
45. Poodlerat (Speaker for the Dead)
46. Amy( The Lace Reader)
47. bethany (The Waitress Was New)
48. bethany (Confesssions of a Shopaholic)
49. Ramya (The English Patient)
50. Ramya (Funny Boy)
51. Ramya (Mistress)
52. Ramya (Memoirs of a Geisha)
53. 3M (The Sister)
54. 3M (The Cellist of Sarajevo)
55. 3M (Beloved)
56. Myrthe (The Kiter Runner)
57. Book Hog
58. 3m (Keeper and Kid)
59. Joy (The Nazi Officer's Wife)
60. Joy (Morality for Beautiful Girls)
61. Joy (Pollyanna)
62. Joy (The Vicious Vet)
63. Carrie's Classics (The Book Thief)
64. Carrie's Classics (Time Traveler's Wife)
65. Carrie's Classics (The Other Boelyn Girl)
66. Carrie's Classics (Jane Eyre)
67. Charlie (Mary Modern)
68. Myrthe (Penelope)
69. Mo (The Night Crew)
70. Mo (White Widow)
71. Gaelle (Oroonoko)
72. Tara (The Widow)
73. Cafe Shree( Anna of 5 Towns)
74. Cafe Shree (Emma)


bethany (dreadlock girl) said...

I'm trying to figure out my books still, I am trying to use some from different challenges...we'll see how well that goes!

Thanks again for hosting this!

bethany (dreadlock girl) said...

thanks! i got it now, yay!

sorry I didn't use the right format for posting my link on this post...I could do it again, or just do it right next time. (sorry..)

raidergirl3 said...

I forgot to enter the books as I finished them, and I only have 1 more. And I'm reading it now!

heather (errantdreams) said...

Wow. That's an impressively long list of reviews!

joanna said...

I'm done! My first challenge completed! ;-)
Thanks for this great challenge!

Anonymous said...

I'm done! I loved every book I read for this challenge---thanks so much for hosting it!

raidergirl3 said...

I'm finished, that was fun! thanks for hosting.

Pathfinder said...

I'm a totally dork and didn't realize this was a list of reviews
related to a book challenge. Duh!*cringing with embarrassment*
I got taught up in my newbie-blogging enthuasiasm! So sorry! Hope I'm not banished from the book blogging fun now.

Please delete my review link :) and _next_ time when I join in it'll be related to the challenge.

thanks! (And I'm enjoying the reviews - fun challenge idea.)

Joy said...

Thanks for hosting this fun challenge! My final post is here.

Amy said...

Challenge completed today! My wrap up post is here. Thanks for hosting -- it was fun. :)

Anonymous said...

I just put up my last review and my wrapup post. The link in my name will take you to my wrapup plus links to all my reviews. Thanks a lot for hosting the challenge, I had loads of fun!

Mo said...

I just posted my fourth & final review, and included the "wrap up" in the same post.

Thanks a bunch for hosting this! It's been fun...

Dancin Fool said...

Hello! How are you doing? I have not been over for a while hence only just noticing that you have not been about for a while. I hope all is ok with you and you are well. Bye for now!

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