03 August 2009

Blog Improvement Project: Task 14

Blog Improvement Project This week’s task is an idea I’ve never heard of: creating a post of links to your best posts as a way of enticing readers further into your little patch of cyberspace. (Apparently the technical-ish term is a “sneeze post” but I think I’ll pass on using it, especially with swine flu doing the rounds!)

I’ve taken a bit of inspiration from Kim and added the link to the post to the profile section of the left sidebar. The post itself, like my About Me page and review indexes, has been drastically backdated so it’s easy to find - and update - at the end of my archive. If you want to see what it contains ... you’ll have to click the link and find out. (See - it’s working already!)

1 comment:

Dorte H said...

A great BIP post, and it certainly works - but it seems a bit confusing that your Best Of-post dates back to 2006.

When I saw the task, I was not sure it appealed to me, but I really like yours so perhaps I should pull myself together and make one myself.

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