29 April 2007

A Book Bargain Concluded

What better way to celebrate the end of midsemester exams?

Ages ago I mentioned the Archer trilogy (Kane and Abel, The Prodigal Daughter, Shall We Tell the President?), ownership of which was divided between my mother and myself. Plans were afoot to reunite them, after a trade of books, but the question remained of who would give up what in exchange for what. I was determined to offload a couple of (preferably unwanted) volumes in return for The Prodigal Daughter and was only waiting on Mum to browse my shelves and suggest a fair swap.

And waiting ... and waiting....

When she gets things on her mind, the less important ones tend to slip into oblivion. After reminders got me nowhere I decided to make the first move myself - only to discover that she had either forgotten her original offer or upped the ante. Instead of two Jane Austens for two Archers, she was now proffering two Austens and two Agatha Christies.

Never one to resist literary temptation, I asked if she’d substitute a Colin Dexter for one of the Christies, and caved. So instead of my book collection being decreased by a couple, it has expanded by two. And the small gap in my TBR box has been refilled. Not that I really mind; I now have a complete collection of Jane Austen novels, the first Tommy and Tuppence mystery and my favourite of the Morse mysteries I’ve read. The Morse, which I read not too long ago, has gone straight to the shelves, but the others are in the box. Having seen it on a few Top Ten/Eleven/Twelve/Thirteen lists, I’m really looking forward to rereading Persuasion; the last time was about five years ago. Or more.

*-- Bragging ahead --*

One set of results is in, and I got 95% on my Medical Biotechnology test!

*-- End bragging --*


Dewey said...

Hey, congratulations on your test!

Dancin' Fool said...

Hello! I hope you are very well?

Have you read any of Archers books about his time in prison? I mention it because he was a bit of a villain in this country for a while....and in some peoples minds still is, so no one I know will touch his books. Which is a little sad really as from what I can gather he acted pretty much in keeping with all politicians he just got caught!

Anyway, your postings regarding his other books have made me consider reading them, also having read one of his prison diaries which was well constructed I thought. I read it as a family member is mentioned in one of the books. A member of staff not an inmate I hasten to add!

I would recommend the prison books, they are good and I may just try some of his other work.

Bye for now!

CoversGirl said...

Dewey: Thanks!

Dancin' Fool: I am well - especially now that I'm not drowning in lecture notes! I haven't read the prison diaries, bu I seem to recall having heard good tings about them (something else for the must-read list). And I have heard all about the incidnt that landed him in jail in the first place. It certainly hasn't put me off reading his books; politicians and scandal seem to go hand in hand!

Dancin' Fool said...

Hello Coversgirl! Glad you are well. I will make an effort to read something new by Jeffrey and let you know what I think.

With regard to his books here, the most popular phrase seemed to be 'I'm not giving him my money', but he did do silly things like be allowed a day pass from prison on condition that he returned to prison in the evening, and then not turn up as he was attending a party back at his house!

But from my point of view the whole prison system sucks and it must be very odd for a civilised person to find them selves in such an alien environment with a whole bibles worth of new rules that just don't make sense and no hope of any decent rehabilitation into society!

Gosh, I now feel like I should apologise for that mighty waffle on your blog.

Anyway, I bought one of his books and he is welcome to the £6.99, it is after all only money.

OK I am going now!

CoversGirl said...

Waffle? What waffle? :-)

Bookfool said...

Congrats on the test score.

You're lucky to have a mother you can trade with. Mine comes down here, occasionally, and the first thing she always says is, "You have way too many books." Then, she reads the whole time and goes home with a handful. LOL

I've yet to read that first Archer book, btw - didn't realize there was a whole series; the first is on a childhood friend's all-time Top 10 favorites list and I keep thinking I'll get to it.

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