23 February 2010

Spider 1, Blogger 0

After removing almost everything from my bedroom in pursuit of an alarmingly large spider, I have had to concede defeat. The wretched thing escaped! Probably retreated outside after the asphyxiating quantities of insecticide I sprayed in there killed off anything that might have served as food.

For which I am profoundly thankful. I had no desire to see it again, even in order to kill it.

Another plus: the place is now sparkling clean. The carpet has been shampooed. The windowsills have been cleaned (geckoes are cute, but they’re also messy). The mattress has been turned (partly as an excuse to check beneath it). The window frame around the air conditioner contains more silicone than Katie Price, and no longer contains a spider-sized gap. And if there was a Guinness World Record for Messiest Window-Sealing Job, I’d have it nailed.

(Lecture to self: See where procrastinating over home maintenance gets you? Mopping up water when the rain comes from the wrong angle, AND hunting large hairy things with too many legs.)

Now I just have to lug all my stuff back from the spare room, and try not to have nightmares.


D. Leigh said...

What an absolute pleasure it was reading this blog post!!!! And, Oh How I Can relate!!! LOL

Amat Libris said...

I'm glad something good has come of all this!

Anonymous said...

The best cure for a phobia of spiders is having children. They are much more frightening, and since having mine, I'm not so bothered by spiders anymore. Mind you, my spider phobia was born in Haiti, where I regularly saw tarantulas, and I live in Toronto now where the spider species are much less intimidating.

I love your blog. I found it on the blogroll at A Life in Books.

alexis nicole said...

I laughed at this!! I have been known to tare apart a room to find a spider, those things give me the creeps!!

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