03 September 2009

Mohawk Trail (a.k.a. Blatant Showing Off)

Yes, it's been a little quiet around here lately ... it was my mother's birthday earlier this week (she was 48 again - if she keeps that up much longer I'll have to start lying about my age!) Anyway, I decided to whip up a replacement for a woefully shabby cushion cover, and displayed my usual impeccable judgement by falling in love with a fabulously complicated pattern, with lots of curves and 176 little triangles.

Hence it took every moment I could spare and quite a few I couldn't, because did I mention that I prefer my patchwork by hand? (Hmm ... as I write this I'm beginning to have a few doubts about my sanity!) On the bright side, I did get it done on time, and without once sitting up all night, dozing off during the day, or accidentally sewing it to my clothes. And the end result is gorgeous ... so much so that I couldn't resist blogging about it:

Mohawk Trail cushion cover

Not bad for only the second bit of quilting I've ever done! Needless to say, Mum loved it.


(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea said...

This is so amazingly beautiful for a novice. Glad your mother loved it.

Jenny said...

Look at you! Very clever. I am crap at crafty things, so this is double-extra impressive to me.

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