14 September 2009

Banned Books Challenge

Banned Books Challenge

I didn’t say “no more challenges” after signing up for R.I.P. IV ... but I should have. However, I’m a just little annoyed (read: incensed) at the moment with those who would dare to think that, because they don’t like something, it shouldn’t be available to anyone else. (And with spineless politicians ... and Queensland wonders why southerners see it as a behind-the-times backwater....)

Ahem ... *steps down from soapbox* ... so I’m in the mood to flout the Moral Majority by reading a banned book.

Yes, you did read that correctly: a banned book. With so much other reading to do I have - for once - taken the prudent course and elected to read only one, slim, book that I’m bound to read this month anyway:

Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad
... courtesy of the Banned and Challenged Classics list; contested on grounds of racism.


Alyce said...

Good for you! I haven't read Heart of Darkness, but I'm participating in a Banned Books Challenge that has no deadline (my favorite kind of challenge).

I found you blog via a BBAW post recommending your site.

Eva said...

I read The Heart of Darkness last year and really loved it!

Amat Libris said...

Alyce: Right now a challenge with no deadline sounds fabulous!

And I've been mentioned at BBAW? Wow!

Eva: I'm really looking forward to reading Conrad; he's an author I've heard a lot about but never read.

Dorte H said...

I read this book a few years ago without knowing it had been banned. I liked parts of it but grew a bit tired of it before finishing it.

The funny thing is that I am sure many modern college students would say it should be banned because it was boring ;D

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