19 July 2009

A Good Excuse

Yes, there’s been a certain dearth of posts around here lately ... but it’s all been in the name of a good cause. (Good from my perspective, at least.) I have finally finished knitting the sweater I’ve had in progress for longer than I can estimate offhand. (We're talking months here.) I took more and more time away from reading and writing just to get it over with.

The finished product

It’s a plain black version of this pattern and the sleeves/upper back gave me hell. The first attempt was too wide, the second too narrow, the third had to be partially unravelled when I failed to maintain the correct tension on sleeve #2 ... and let’s not forget the lovely evening I snapped one of the plastic needles I was using. Into four pieces. While all but five of the stitches were still on it. (You can imagine the fun I had sorting that one out.)

So having sworn off plastic needles for good, I’m now back to doing nice easy knitting: lace-pattern socks.

And, of course, staring at a monstrous list of books I haven’t reviewed yet....


Dorte H said...

Congratulations on your masterpiece! And good for you to have time to read again :D

Booklogged said...

Holy smokes - I can't even imagine knitting something that can actually be worn! Your sweater is beautiful and it fits perfectly. I crochet beanies or afghans - tried knitting once upon a time. It was a "good grief" experience! I'm greatly impressed.

Jenny said...

Color me very impressed. :) I had to learn to knit once for a play, and every time we rehearsed I made such a mess of the yarn we had to cut the entire snarl off. So yay for you!!

Amat Libris said...

Dorte: It is such a relief to get back to the TBR pile! I'd been starting to feel guilty about neglecting it.

Booklogged: It fits perfectly because of all the versions it went through! When it actually started working properly I was impressed.

Jenny: That sounds awkward ... and like a bit too much attention to authenticity!

Kirsten said...

I have a hard time balancing my knitting projects and TBR pile sometimes too. Great sweater!

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