10 January 2007

The Winter Classics Reading Challenge

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After carrying out my makeover, I didn’t want my blog to be all dressed up with nowhere to go. So I decided to venture out into the blogosphere, and the Winter Classics Reading Challenge from A Reader’s Journal was the perfect place to start.

I enjoy reading classics; I have a whole section of bookcase dedicated to them. The trouble is that other (i.e. newer and faster-to-read) books get in the way, so I don’t start classics as often as I could and I tend to take ages to read them. Consequently classics accumulate at the bottom of my TBR box like dust bunnies under a bed (but not my bed, of course).

In the interest of a belated spring cleaning, here are my five picks for the Winter Classics Reading Challenge:

Evelina - Frances Burney (Because I’ve already started it. But I started this month, so it’s not really cheating.)
Fathers and Sons - Ivan Turgenev (Because it’s been in my TBR box for nearly four years.)
Liza - Ivan Turgenev (Because it’s in a 2-in-1 volume with Fathers and Sons.
Tess of the Durbervilles - Thomas Hardy (Because I read thirty pages on the train on New Year’s Eve . . . 2005. And haven’t touched it since.)
The Canterbury Tales - Geoffrey Chaucer (Because I read a couple in high school and now I want to read the whole set.)

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Booklogged said...

Hello and welcome to the classics challenge. I'm so glad you will be joining us. Your list looks interesting as there are 3 books I've never even heard of before. I look forward to reading your thoughts about them.

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